1992 saw the birth of the “Southern Stingrays” who were developed under the leadership of Steve Kennedy (Regional Manager) and Ron Roach (Promotions Manager) with the home base located at the Ben Kavanagh Reserve, Mordialloc.  The side was coached in the inaugural year by Peter Russo.

30 years on, the Coates Talent League continues to provide fantastic opportunities for talented young Victorian footballers and is widely recognised as one of the most successful talented youth athlete programs in any sport throughout Australia.

The competition’s record in producing AFL Drafted players and top quality VFL and local football players

The “Dandenong Southern Stingrays” are currently under the leadership of Toby Jedwab (Region Manager), Nick Cox (Head Coach – Boys), Josh Moore (Head Coach – Girls) and Michaela Adair (Administration Coordinator) with the home base located at Shepley Oval, Dandenong.

The Coates Talent League (formerly known as the TAC Cup & NAB League) is an under-18 Australian rules football representative competition held in Australia. It is based on geographic regions throughout country Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne with each team representing twelve Victorian regions, while a thirteenth team from Tasmania was reintroduced in 2019.

The competition is one of the primary sources of recruitment for AFL/AFLW clubs. It provides an opportunity for talented regional players to participate in a high standard competition without having to relocate too far from their place of origin.

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Stingray Draft History
(Number 1 Pick*)


1992: Darren King, Danny Winkel, Kane Batzloff, Justin Leppitsch

1993: Christian O’Brien, Michael Prentice, Shayne Smith, Clint Shaw

1994: Jeff White*, Matthew Joy, Chad Liddell, Michael Agnello, Austinn Jones

1995: Chad Morrison, Ashley Gehling, Daniel Marshall, Ryan Aitken

1996: Paul Corrigan, Tom Gilligan, Mark Winterton, Chris Holcombe

1997: Travis Johnstone*, Trent Croad, Kris Massie, Andrew Williams, Craig Black, Darren Hulme

1998: Adam Ramanauskas, Brendan Fevola, Toby Thurstans, Craig Jacotine, Steven Rode

1999: David Hille, Daniel Wulf

2000: Laurence Angwin, Ryan Lonie, Michael Handby, Adam McPhee, Chris Newman, Nathan Lonie, Stephen Milne


2002: Steven Salopek, Paul Johnson, Matthew Boyd

2003: Shane Tuck, Aaron Edwards

2004: Jarred Moore, Damien McCormack, Jayden Attard, Luke Forsyth, Anthony Raso, Zane Leonard

2005: Nathan Jones, Ryan Cook, Travis Tuck

2006: Andrejs Everitt, Greg Bentley, Daniel Nicholls

2007: Jarrad Grant, Scott Simpson, Jarrad Boumann

2008: Tom Gillies, Ash Smith, Shane Savage, Steven Gaertner.

2009: Tom Scully*, Ryan Bastinac, Dylan Roberton, Rohan Kerr, Levi Casboult

2010: Thomas Lynch, Jake Batchelor, Mitchell Hallahan, Luke Parker, Andrew McInnes, Arryn Siposs, Tom Curren,

2011: Matthew Buntine, Nick Haynes, Todd Elton, Jordan Kelly, Brett O’Hanlon, Darren Minchington, Piva Wright

2012: Lachie Whitfield*, Taylor Garner, Nathan Wright, Lewis Pierce, Tim McGenniss

2013: Zak Jones, Billy Hartung, James Harmes

2014: Tom Lamb, Jack Lonie, Bailey Dale, Mitch White

2015: Jacob Weitering*, Kieran Collins, Brandon White, Liam Hulett, Bailey Rice, Kurt Mutimer, Gach Nyuon

2016: Josh Battle, Myles Poholke, Mitch McCarthy

2017: Luke Davies-Uniacke, Hunter Clark, Aiden Bonar, Tom De Koning, Oscar Clavarino, Tom Murphy

2018: Sam Sturt, William Hamill, Bailey Williams, Zac Foot, Toby Bedford, Lachie Young, Sam Fletcher, Matthew Cottrell, Mitchell Riordan

2019: Hayden Young, Sam De Koning, Ned Cahill, Cody Weightman, Bigoa Nyuon

2020: Deakyn Smith

2021: Mac Andrew, Connor MacDonald, Miller Bergman, Judson Clarke, Josiah Kyle

2022: Jai Culley, Jaxon Binns, Henry Hustwaite


2017: Georgia Gee

2018: Jordyn Allen, Georgia Gourlay, Shelley Heath

2019: Molly McDonald, Isabella Shannon, Brooke Vernon

2020: Tyanna Smith, Jess Matin

2021: Ash Richards

2022: Jaide Anthony, Amber Clarke, Mackenzie Eardley, Taylah Gatt, Charley Ryan, Charlotte Blair